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Finding qualified staff becoming critical for employers

Finding qualified staff becoming critical for employers


  • The October JobFix advertisement index rose 15%  above last year.
  • The number of open roles rose 12%.
  • All sectors are struggling to find candidates in an increasingly competitive market.  
  • Construction and Accommodation led the surge in growth with the highest increase  in advertised positions. 

The market is headed into the critical summer period desperately trying to find staff. The number of open roles reaching a peak and finding staff is becoming increasingly challenging, is forcing business to become creative when dealing with a potential shortfall in optimum employee numbers again this year. The number of open roles rose 7% over last year and up another 5% on September, which was already the highest month of the year. Traditionally October and November record the highest number of job vacancies so it likely that we are at, or close to the peak.

Finding candidates has become very challenging for Queenstown businesses and some employers questioning how there retain their existing key staff ahead of Christmas and Holiday period. New businesses are delaying opening, reducing hours or having staged openings to accommodate the staff numbers they are able to employ. Health, beauty, food and beverage, cleaners and housekeeping appear to be sectors particularly hard hit, a situation that may get worse with new hotels due to come onto the market in the next 90 days.