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    McDonalds Queenstown, New Zealand
    Applicants must understand the importance of putting the customer first, be legally entitled to work in New Zealand, and be ready for an immediate start.  Click the apply button below to submit your application  
  • Full time
    Searchlight Brewery 12 Industrial Place, Queenstown, New Zealand
    Seeking an outgoing, friendly character. You must have completed an NZ LCQ course and hold a managers certificate.   Ideally be independently minded, able to work on your own, and be responsible to organize and manage all aspects of the bar. 
  • Part time
    Island Travel Network Frankton, Queenstown, New Zealand
    We are looking for a fresh and ready to go Travel Agent to join the team located in Frankton, you would need to be available for a flexible 7-day Roster with the experience and passion for travel. WHAT WILL I BE DOING? You will be responsible for delivering excellent customer service   for   every guest, every time.  Working in a fast-paced environment where multi-tasking and a good eye for detail is necessary Be responsible for the accurate recording and processing of reservations Maximise room sales through pro-active selling techniques Provide prompt and efficient service To be successful in this role, we are looking for Professional telephone manner and excellent communication skills Outstanding administrative and organisational skills Intermediate computer proficiency Well-presented, organised and calm personality Be a team player in everything that you do Fluent English essential, additional languages an advantage At least one years’ experience in a customer service related role within the hospitality industry or experience in a reservations environment with a Minimum 1 year experience using a GDS               ( Galileo or Similar )   Must be a NZ resident or hold a valid Visa Apply by sending your CV and cover letter to

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Recently at The Lakes Weekly Bulletin, we took on a new employee, which is a big job!, and I breathed a sigh of relief after receiving a signature from our new hire on the returned employment agreement. Satisfying, right? Now, I realised we needed to put as much effort into their first couple of weeks to really cement the way that they perform, especially initially. I expect great performance from them, but it is not guaranteed. Here is my list of must-do items that I thought was worth sharing: 1. Set expectations Setting expectations with a new hire is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You are excited about having them start, or you would not have invited them to join your team. If you set expectations, they can move forward with focus , knowing exactly what you want them to achieve; however, if you set none, it can lead to frustration and misalignment.  2. Communicate During the interview process, you are focused on what the individual can bring to the business with their talents, including opportunities you think they can take and results you think they can deliver. Have you shared those expectations with your new employee? Why wouldn’t you? Provide metrics for the performance you want to see if possible. It’s an easy exercise. Ask yourself exactly what you would be thrilled to see from them in the first three months. Write it down and give it to them. You will likely see a new hire work hard to achieve the goals that you've set. You will be happier, and they will be even more so. And you will both be on the same page. 3. Deliver an Induction program These are the basics so that when the new hire starts they feel welcome and engaged in the whole business. There is nothing worse than feeling lost and confused in that early period. Engage and welcome them Send personal notes if they have to work out their notice in another company Help build a community for them by introducing them to their new peers and have your team reach out to them with a personal welcome Have their desk, phone, computer, business cards, and security codes ready on the first day Make sure that they understand your dress code and office hours before they start work Help them get exposure to everyone they will work with, so they put an early focus on their contributions Induction with a strategy will provide a dramatic improvement in retention rate and productivity . Here is the message you are sending with a strategic onboarding process:  We are busy, we expect you to be We are organized, we expect you to be We are serious, we expect you to be We are professional, we expect you to be   Every organization I have ever worked with looks for people to join them because they are striving to improve performance. Set expectations with your new hire through an effective onboarding process and you will get a solid performance, early. Set no expectations, and you will risk doubt in both your mind and theirs.  David Gibbs Commercial Operations Manager - Lakes Weekly & JobFix
Kiwi job seekers, particularly those who have been around a while, often find it tougher to get an interview. Here’s why - and what you can do about it... The overseas market is expanding. There are nearly 7,000 Brits planning on working here, followed by guests from France, Germany and Australia. Locals are realising that simply pushing the  'APPLY NOW' button on a job isn't going to guarantee an interview, let alone get the role. The whole market is becoming savvier. The New Zealand Herald recently published an article  that provided insights into the reasons why there are real challenges for those who are seeking to secure employment. Particularly those who may have found it easier just a few years ago. Until recently, kiwis were able to get a job - just about any job - when they wanted it... but that’s changing and it’s getting harder. Why is that? The job market has expanded significantly with the rising Kiwi population, coupled with the increase in visitors who plan to work in NZ. Its just more competitive.  The job market has changed dramatically - candidates are better qualified and prepared to take the job for less. While skilled migrants don’t have the local knowledge you do, many have taken the time to understand what employers are looking for in a resume. They also understand the value they will bring to a role and the contribution they can make to a company when competing against that local knowledge. If you're a 'local', you are competing against all of this and more, just to get an interview ! If you haven’t thought beyond the ‘ I’m a local and employers have to try to employ locals ’, you are at a disadvantage and you’ll fail often. The landscape has changed and the number of people looking for a job has increased due to both migration and an employment market that always has an eye on the next opportunity. We recommend spending a decent amount of time upfront thinking about how you present yourself to a recruiting manager. Don't hit that ‘APPLY NOW’ button without having done some homework on yourself, and making sure that you're prepared and have done all you can to position yourself to win.
Growth in the job market in Queenstown paused in August as job vacancy numbers declined slightly when compared to last year...  these were the key findings of last month’s JobFix Job Vacancy Survey. While the year on year (YoY) number was lower overall, there was solid and consistent growth when compared with July . Overall, the moving average over the last three months has resulted in a slight increase in roles of 3.7%, slightly below New Zealand's moving average of 5% ( Source: ANZ Job Ads ).    The tourism  category remained in hot demand with a 6% YoY increase and when Food & Beverage roles are combined, these two sectors dominated, making up 80% of all roles advertised last month. After a long solid run, the number of Construction , Manufacturing and Transport roles dropped 10% from last month and a big 30% from the same period last year. Key points... Seasonal job vacancy numbers dropped 4% overall from August 2017; however, vacancies were up 14% on July which follows a similar trend from 2017. The biggest growth in the JobFix numbers was ongoing demand from the Retail and Tourism sector (up 18% from last year and 6% from last month). Construction was the largest drag on the stats down 10% from last month and 30% from last year. Govt, Finance and Professional Services were all up slightly. In the NZ economy generally, the ANZ job vacancy index indicated that the market remained weak with Retail a particular laggard overall. Job ads in retail were flat in August after falling 0.6% month on month in July and 0.7% in June, to be up just 1.9% over the past year. Retailers continue to deal with long-term challenges, including the growth of online trading. It’s increasingly difficult to seek growth in existing operations and there aren’t many new domestic markets to exploit, which is encouraging investment in labour-saving technologies to drive productivity improvements.  The Southern Lakes District is one area where there is growth projected, and as a result, we are experiencing a boom as  retailers are expanding into Five Mile and also looking across the Crown Range at Wanaka’s Three Parks development next year. David Gibbs Commercial Operations Manager -Lakes Weekly & JobFix
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