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You asked - we listened.  Thanks to the feedback from our customers, we are happy to announce an extension to the expiry of the Standard and Executive packages on the JobFix website. When purchasing one of our job listing products , you may have noticed that that different options available allow you to post a varying number of jobs. These 'Job Posts', or credits, have to be used within a certain period of time or else they expire. If you want to see if you have any credits available, you can see this information when logging into your account dashboard when you are logged in. JobFix expiry dates have been increased to assist business' employment requirements and also to encourage the use of the Executive package, which provides maximum cost efficiency and reach. Each Executive package opening is posted for 14 days with the resume access available for 90 days.   * Prices exclude GST   Changes to the packages are available from July 1st. There has been no increase in pricing with the enhancement in package availability and the recent decision to add JobFix to the Queenstown App.   
JobFix is adding its search capability and jobs to the Queenstown App as of late July. Queenstown Media Group, who promote and manage JobFix and The Queenstown App, have relaunched the Queenstown App on an entirely new platform this month. Moving to a new and local platform provides significantly enhanced opportunities for advertisers with improved navigation, increased speed of content delivery, and new content options that enable job seekers to search for jobs on the app and view all the latest jobs available in the Queenstown-Lakes region. The Queenstown App has over 14,600 downloads, and last month saw in excess of 45,000 page views. Faster speed and easier navigation will enable candidates to find jobs quickly and while they are on the move. "With its core audience of 18-35 years olds, having JobFix available on the Queenstown App makes perfect sense", says David Gibbs Queenstown Media Groups Operations Manager, "and the good news for local employers is that this doesn’t come with any additional cost to your placement on jobfix.co.nz" Available to download on...  
Today employment roles require a lot more than raw muscle, but sometimes employers are forced or choose to make mundane job tasks sound ‘out of this world’. I don’t know if its an old army joke or not, but this one is attributed to the army... An officer asks his platoon whose interested in music and four hands go up. Officer: "Right... you can carry this grand piano to the officer’s mess." Candidates sometime must wonder if they are applying for a basic role or some part of the next movie blockbuster being filmed in Queenstown. It's not unusual to see a bar staff role advertised as requiring '...people-focused, customer and quality outcome-driven...'  with no mention of being able to add and subtract correct change! The 'superhero ninja' requirements also often appear in housekeeper ads, which sounds a little over the top for 'changing sheets and cleaning rooms'. Ninja-like attention gives the impression - which I’d love to see - of a candidate creeping around the meeting venue, ready for the interview dressed head to toe in black. Not that I’ve seen any recently, but employers can often be seen canvassing for staff that they believe have to be prepared to go to war at a moments notice, taking terms from Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’ and using them in their job ads. For many of these roles, the reality is that job requirements are pretty standard, the hours can be unpleasant, and the job is likely to pay is entry-level wages. So instead of looking for the next 'ninja expert', maybe we should be looking for enthusiasm, which can be found in our market in abundance. This can lead to hiring people who get enjoyment from performing their role well, which benefits everyone.
Most employers continued to wait for winter to get underway throughout June and as a result, remained with the employment finger firmly on the pause button. Mild conditions and the lack of decent natural snow has reduced the number of winter visitors with cancellations and vacancy signs an unusual new feature this season. This has fed through to the hiring decisions and fewer vacancies advertised this June. Once again open positions were down across every sector and overall there was a 15% drop in open roles compared with May (which in turn was down 15% on April). As the weather reports held little hope for snow through June the job numbers declined every week through the month, even as the school holidays approached, a traditionally better employment period. A significant number of staff who are here for the winter season and working in the tourism and accommodation sectors are moving on from Queenstown early and only being replaced. Summary June sets another new record for quiet months in the jobs sector Employers have held off making anything but critical employment calls Retaining some staff is becoming problematic as seasonal staff choose to move on from Queenstown  
Those of you who have started recruiting new staff for the winter season have likely seen an influx of fresh faces to Queenstown . Some of these brand-new staff members may not have been to Queenstown – or New Zealand – before; so as well as adjusting to working in your business and learning the ropes when it comes to working in your organization, they’ll also need to adjust to life in Queenstown. Although it’s not strictly an employer’s job to introduce new staff to the town or to ensure their staff are in adequate housing, helping new-to-town staff members understand the ‘lay of the land’ can avoid headaches later down the line. Here are our top tips for new staff arrivals 1. Encourage staff to search for housing early , using resources like the Lakes Weekly Bulletin , Trade Me , or Facebook pages like ‘ For Rent in Queenstown ’. Flatting with other staff members can work out well too, enabling ride shares to work (which is great when parking is limited!). 2. As traffic is an increasing issue in Queenstown, it may help to encourage new staff to use public or other methods of transport. You might find that many former ‘city-dwellers’ are used to using public transport – let them know about Orbus, or provide space for bike parking at work if you can in order to encourage greener methods of transport where they’re less likely to be stuck in traffic (...and late to work!). 3. Encourage responsible drinking and ensure that new staff understand that drinking rules are stricter here than countries like the UK. Though most people are responsible, the mix of new friends, a new environment and a lack of understanding of the rules has caught out individuals in the past. Above all - nurture a friendly, helpful and fun working environment for your staff that will encourage loyalty and commitment, instead of frustration and disappointment, this will help you to create happier workplaces and retain staff when you find and attract the right people to your business.   David Gibbs Queenstown Media Group - Lakes Weekly & JobFix
It was another quiet month during May on the job front for Queenstown as JobFix Job Vacancy numbers continue to highlight the reduction in job vacancies compared with last year and the decline month on month. Generally, at this time of the year, many employers wait for the green light that the ski season is definitively underway before pressing the button on employing staff so the very mild weather conditions over the past couple of months may have generated some uncertainty. Town has also been particularly quiet, especially given the high base Amway helped gave the shoulder season last year and this has seen some employers make do with the staff they have rather than looking for new recruits. In May, the number of open positions dropped 3% year on year and 15% on April. The main drop on last year is within the Retail and Services sector where vacancies have dropped 36%, but this has been tempered with a slight increase on last year in Construction and the F&B Accommodation sectors. Summary: May has set a new record as the quietest month in the job sector in years The uncertain start to the ski season has seen some employers back off recruiting early A quieter shoulder season has also contributed to this 'wait and see' approach  David Gibbs Queenstown Media Group - Lakes Weekly & JobFix
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