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A New Shared Space for Queenstown

A New Shared Space for Queenstown

Got a new business idea? There's a clubhouse in Queenstown for entrepreneurs!

This week a new collaboration space has opened in the Queenstown CBD. Startup Queenstown Lakes, a local trust, is working to build a thriving innovation and startup community and has launched Prospector Collaboration Space on Earl Street.

The pop-up coworking space for startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators opened above the former Shootout virtual game centre, across from the Novotel. The Prospector will serve as a gathering spot for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as those who are working on something new.

"We're open to anyone who is in the startup community," said James Burnes, CEO of Startup Queenstown Lakes. "If you're working on a big idea that has potential, this is a great place to get feedback, find encouragement, and move forward."

Visitors are welcome to stop by. Hours are currently 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday and will evolve as the community requires noted Burnes.

Memberships run monthly. The space is expected to be live for 90 days, after which it is hoped a long-term environment for the startup community can launch. You can learn more and apply for membership at