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Chamber Of Commerce - CEO Update

Chamber Of Commerce - CEO Update


The fourth meeting to discuss the need for Wakatipu to develop and implement a travel demand management plan (TDMP) was held on Tuesday this week. The consultants employed by NZTA to write a TDMP have concluded their report and recommendations. This has not yet been published but will be made available for review in due course. NZTA management is now considering whether it is appropriate for full or partial implementation and funding.    

It was agreed at the meeting yesterday that the impact of transport on the quality of life and quality of business was significant. Further, it was agreed that social and business-led responses, rather than just an infrastructure provider response were required to drive the mode and mind shift change required to improve how we move about the Wakatipu region. The Boards of the Chamber and Shaping our Future have agreed to move forward to explore a suitable entity to commence this work.

I would like to thank all the Chamber members, resident association members and other folks who have contributed to the process thus far and I will continue to keep you updated on this work.

If you want to support the move to active transport, Chamber member’s the Queenstown Trails Trust have shared this great website if your workplace is interested in supporting staff or your fleet move to e-bikes. Great depreciation/FBT calculator, the works.


It was disappointing to see QAC’s statement of intent knocked back for a second time last week, with only three present councillors voting to accept the revised statement of intent.  

The airport and its future planning have become a lightning rod for those who wish to express their social and environmental concerns.  Appropriate strategies for managing the impact of growth on the region are, of course, far wider than airline passenger growth. The notion that closing the door to national or international migration or visitors is also problematic. I am pondering whether it is Trump’s wall-type thinking? The world population is growing, climate change is happening, people are on the move (as they always have been). We need to act as a community, with urgency, to put in place ways to cope with migratory, as well as visitor growth.

Notwithstanding, the message has been sent from organized and concerned community organizations. This community needs to see a far, far stronger destination management and sustainability focus in how tourism businesses operate. The board of the QAC would do well to consider how they might address this. The Chamber board certainly is.

Bed Tax

Just in from Wellington.

“The paper is in the cabinet process (running a bit later than originally planned) and we anticipate that the Minister will be in a position to make an announcement this month. I am unable to pre-empt that announcement without Ministerial authorization”.  

Minister Twyford will be in town on September 13th for a Chamber lunch at the Crowne Plaza. Phil looks after urban development and transport. Tickets are limited and available on our website


The Chamber is a membership organization and we are reliant on our board to provide governance and direction to the paid executive. The Chamber AGM is coming up (November) and we have two vacant elected positions (thanks to Charlie Phillips and Anna Edie for their contribution). If you or someone you know are interested in standing, I would be happy to discuss this role with you or contact our board chair Craig Douglas directly (after he gets back from holiday at the end of next week). His phone number is 021 594 125.

Local council elections

The Chamber mayoral and election debate will be held next week at 5.30pm at the Memorial Hall in Downtown Queenstown. We are privileged to count most of the candidates amongst our membership and I am looking forward to hearing them speak on topics that are important to our region. Big thanks to Chamber board member and Mediaworks GM Rik Van Dijk for hosting this event for the Chamber. Be good to see you there (book your free ticket on our website).

Kind regards,

Anna Mickell
Anna Mickell is the CEO of the Queenstown Chamber of Commerce, an organization that represents business owners working in the Wakatipu region.
New members are welcome.