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Crack open a big bottle of community spirit this Christmas

Crack open a big bottle of community spirit this Christmas

The Queenstown Trails Trust has launched their Corporate Gift Memberships in time for Christmas and they want you to spread the feel good vibes this festive season. More and more businesses want to practice their corporate social responsibility, so the Queenstown Trails Trust has come up with a meaningful gift that can benefit not only your team, but the wider community.

A $5,000 donation will entitle your organisation with a Corporate Gift Membership and each of your employees will receive a gift pack including:

+ ID Tag for their bike or keychain

+ Supporter bike sticker

+ Strava Team Access, where you team members can log km’s cycled, access the company leaderboard, win spot prizes and go on organised team rides, led by QTT CEO Mark Williams

+ Bonus feel good vibes knowing your organisation is supporting the Queenstown Trails Trust and helping to build more trails in our community

You may ask, why should I donate instead of giving a throwaway gift to my employees? Well not only will you and your employees feel proud to be part of a movement making cycling easier and safer in Queenstown, you will also be putting into practice your corporate social responsibility by giving a meaningful gift that benefits your team and the wider community. Further, by encouraging  your team members to regularly cycle you are playing your part in creating a happier, healthier and more productive work force.

Christmas is a time for giving thanks. If you want to do some good this Christmas, consider giving the gift of a Queenstown Trails Trust Corporate membership to your employees and together we can make Queenstown a better place to live, walk and ride!

Head on over to the Queenstown Trails Trust website for more info or to sign up your organisation –