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JobFix May online performance

JobFix May online performance

JobFix enjoyed 29,813 page views from 3,870 users across May, up 19% over April. Each week JobFix averages 5,960 page views from 775 job seekers coming to the site looking for jobs in Queenstown. The average pages per session came in at 3.85

Kiwi’s made up 55.% of the audience. Usage from the Christchurch and Auckland markets were the biggest making up 55% of the national audience.

Stats at a view

  • Page Views 29,830 (up 19%)
  • Users 3,211 (up 20%)
  • New Users 75% (steady)


International market made up 49.3% of visitors to Jobfix in April .

Top Countries

  • NZ
  • USA
  • China
  • Australia
  • UK
  • India
  • Brazil

Top Cities 

*Source: Google Analytics May 2023


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