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Introducing the New Applicant (Job Seeker) Tracking Interface

Introducing the New Applicant (Job Seeker) Tracking Interface

We know that you're busy people, so anything to make your jobs quicker and easier is a good thing right?

We're happy to tell you about a new feature on JobFix that will make the job application process significantly easier to manage!

What is ATS?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a space that is used for collecting, storing and handling applicants’ data. An ATS allows you to monitor and control the whole recruitment process in a user-friendly way. 

...and how does it work?

First, you'll need to:

  • Log into your account then
  • click through to the details page of one of your Job Listings

From here you can:

  • Categorize and track applications that you've received from job seekers, based on hiring status
  • View the stages of the applicants and playfully drag any application, then drop them into the next relevant category

  • You can also review the Job Seeker details on a separate page. Just click on any applicant, and you will get a new page with all available info about this candidate

  • Contact applicants directly from the application details page. This will save so much time, and avoid the frustration of having to go somewhere else
  • Insert notes for each application. It will be so handy, especially once applications start piling up.


We hope you enjoy the new and easy to use functionality for tracking job applicants!