Pacific Paddle Co is a New Zealand owned & operated watersports company founded in 2013 by owner Sam Loader.


It was a small day for waves in Laguna Beach, California, not really surf-able on a shortboard so Sam jumped on a big old foam SUP & had a blast. He caught so many more waves & had so much fun trying this new sport out! It opened his eyes up to the S.U.P, having always looked at it from a shortboard perspective.


This then lead Sam to working for a SUP company in California. Here he learned about the craft of shaping & design as well as which materials performed well for each model designed.


Upon moving back to New Zealand a few years later, Sam has carefully designed the full product range. From fibreglass recreational boards, various light weight woods & carbon boards there is a SUP for everyone at PPC.


Sam & team have been working for the last 7 years tweaking & adjusting the designs/materials/construction of our range to a level that we are completely confident to say, whatever kind of rider you are & whatever the conditions are paddling in, you’ll be in pure comfort. We have a few new exciting products we are currently working on that we will announce very soon.


We are proud to be a New Zealand company & having all our products tested & designed right here in our waters. Our product range will continue to expand as we listen to our customers needs.