R D Petroleum

RD Petroleum was established to provide professional, competitive and service-driven fuel and oil delivery throughout the South Island. 

Starting as a local supplier of community service stations and supporting the agricultural and farming sectors, RD Petroleum’s fast and reliable service has seen the business grow into supporting both our commercial and residential customers, providing home heating diesel and aviation fuel sites and fuel delivery

RDP now has an extensive fleet and service stations across the South Island, with customers using RDP fuel cards across the country for exclusive discounts. Customers can order home heating diesel or fuel via the RDP app and, thanks to the latest technology, delivery is organised via our centralised dispatch in real-time. 

Meet the RD Petroleum Team

We have a dedicated team working throughout the South Island. RD Petroleum’s main office in Christchurch handles customer enquiries, operations, accounts, administration and dispatch. We are constantly adapting, utilising new technologies, and implemented the latest in driver safety, and because of this, we are able to offer our customers a delivery service second to none.