Content By Katie

Content By Katie is a small but busy boutique marketing automation agency based in Queenstown, NZ. 

By small, I mean it's just me ...Hi! I'm Katie! 

I help businesses across NZ and Australia create and optimise content marketing and sales campaigns, supported by automation software, mainly Hubspot.

What is achieved

  • Attract new and returning visitors to a website
  • Convert traffic as subscribers to grow the CRM
  • Nurture subscribers to convert to customers
  • Leverage customers to acquire referrals and reviews

Ways this is done

  • Clear segmentation of CRM data and optimisation of data on-ramps
  • Planning and creation of thoughtful and useful content that speaks to real customers
  • Scale empathetic conversations using marketing platforms and automation tools, such as Hubspot email, landing pages, and social media.
  • Test, analyse, and optimise automation for constant improvement

Company values

  • There is no right or wrong way to do things, just decisive action and consistent reflection for learning and improving
  • Make the technology work for the customer, so the customer doesn't end up working for the technology
  • The best way to convert leads is to not lose the ones you already have
  • Keep it smart and simple
  • Protect the process, do the work and the results will follow