Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust

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Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust is your local organisation for community housing.


In 2007, the Queenstown Lakes District Council recognised an issue in the lack of affordable housing and acted upon it by initiating the formation of the Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust (QLCHT). This trust is an independent, not for profit, community owned organisation.


While there is a steady stream of people willing to move into the District, an unusually high percentage of these people leave the district after 12-18 months. The reasons cited are usually due to the high living costs, with the largest of those being the cost of housing. 


QLCHT has a range of housing programmes, each designed to assist eligible low to moderate income households, who contribute to the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of this District and are genuinely struggling to commit to the area because of the housing affordability issue.



Our mission is to help committed residents of the Queenstown Lakes District into decent affordable housing with secure tenure.



We are: 

  • Passionate about helping eligible households.
  • Commercially disciplined in all our transactions.
  • Building an asset and legacy for the community.
  • Vigilant for opportunities.
  • Confident about innovating.
  • Consistent in our dealings with others.
  • Mature and receptive to criticism.
  • Focused on the local market and its needs.
  • Willing to listen.



QLCHT is presided over by a board of six Trustees, who between them provide a wide range of expertise and skills. It is well represented by all the relevant professions including legal, financial and property professionals as well as people who know and feel the heartbeat of the community.