Eliot Sinclair

Eliot Sinclair are a multi-disciplinary consultancy based in the South Island with offices in Christchurch, Queenstown/Wanaka, Hokitika and Nelson.

Making it simple. Doing it smarter.

Whether you need our services in isolation or as an efficient integrated partnership, you’re tapping into the power of our many different experts working together to undertake all aspects of design and management.

We eliminate unknowns and ‘what ifs’ by pooling resources and looking broader and deeper to better identify risk and maximise opportunity.
We offer clarity and a smooth process navigating red tape with impeccable documentation and good relationships with local authorities.

Our thorough feasibility investigation and decades of experience are factored into cost estimates, allowing us to recommend design and construction methods that add value by cutting long term costs, avoiding surprises and stifling overruns.