Whakatipu Reforestation Trust

Our Vision: To protect and restore the native biodiversity of the Whakatipu Basin through revegetation projects, collaboration, education and advocacy.

Since humans first set foot on New Zealand, our native forests have reduced by 70% while our native bird species have been reduced by 30%. The Kowhai rich dry woodlands that used to be prolific in the Whakatipu Basin are one of the most threatened ecosystems in New Zealand, and also one of the least protected.

“Without endemic touchstones visible to the resident [Whakatipu Basin] population on a daily basis their appreciation of the history of their own land and identification with it will gradually atrophy. As northern temperate images fill people’s experience and imagination, these foreign elements become entrenched in tradition with an inevitable loss of both biological and cultural diversity.”
Colin Meurk, Landcare Research

We work with the community to grow and plant out native plants, including threatened species. This will create wildlife corridors that will, in turn, attract native birds and insects back into the basin, significantly enhancing the biodiversity of our region.


Whakatipu Reforestation Trust Queenstown, New Zealand
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