Mamas Five Mile Childcare

At Mama’s Childcare we endeavour to ensure that everyone who walks through our doors has the chance to play, learn, discover and grow in a place that is rich with opportunities and respect. This is guided by the influential principles of Te Whāriki, Reggio Emilia and R.I.E

We believe that every person no matter how small, has a wealth of knowledge, waiting to be shared and an eagerness to learn more. With our environment acting as the third teacher, children can hypothesise, discover, and collaborate their thoughts with others about the world around them. Our open-door ethos encourages whanau and our community to share their passions and expertise with us and provide rich insights into the growth of each child.

We emphasise the importance of relationships and social competence ensuring that each voice has an opportunity to be heard and considered as we nurture the developing social skills needed to work alongside others. Our teaching team fosters the developing lifelong skills of resilience, problem solving and the ability to adapt.

We celebrate the wealth of cultural diversity within our place promoting whanaungtanga and committing to our bicultural heritage through embracing tikanga and Te Reo Māori.

We ignite the sense of wonder opening the doors to play, learn, discover and grow!