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5 steps that will help your job advert stand out

5 steps that will help your job advert stand out

The Queenstown market is a particularly tough place for employers to find staff. Just the nature of and the number of opportunities available makes the environment very competitive. The difficulty for a candidate is separating the roles as many ads generally read that same.

Below are five steps that might assist in getting your job advertisement to stand out from the pack.

1. Focus on Future Expectations

Have your role focus on performance objectives of the role as well as the skills needed to do the job. Too often its experience and skills only. Let your candidates know what your performance objectives are.

2. Offer Careers, Not Jobs

It’s tough given how many of the candidates are here for a short time but where ever possible make candidates aware that you offer a career, not just a job. Turnover is the bane of our lives.

Finding staff is expensive and time-consuming. Set yourself apart by hiring long-term employees who are in it for the long-term, not just the short. Many candidates look for positions that offer growth opportunity and this entices them to stick around for the long term. It won’t work all the time but even slowing your turnover is a great outcome.

3. Use on-going marketing efforts

In addition to advertising roles, don’t forget to leverage your marketing efforts and create an online presence by starting a company blog and write posts that will attract the attention of candidates. Include specific call-to-actions to invite candidates to learn more about the job market and specific job openings you might have.

4. Use Social Media

Use your social media platforms to help spread the word about specific job openings, and to post articles that qualified talent will find interesting. Try to have an area on your website that will help you attract candidates that aren’t necessarily actively looking for a new job, but may think “Hmm, that sounds like a great opportunity.”

5. Keep a list of your candidates for later reference

While you might have found a suitable person for a position, there are often others who could have been ideal. Keep a list of applicants and keep in touch if roles come up down the line. If you keep in contact, then they may be an easy solution when the next opening comes up with your business. It’s also fast and inexpensive.