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Competition Increases in the Queenstown Job Market

Competition Increases in the Queenstown Job Market

The total number of roles advertised on JobFix rose 12% last month from September with almost 1,200 roles listed. The last two weeks of October this year showed a significant change from corresponding weeks last year as the hospitality sector seeks to find candidates in an environment of new venues and a very tight market.  

The big driver in advertised roles remains the Construction sector with 213 roles being advertised as the share of positions continues to grow. Six months ago, the Construction sector represented 14% of the job market but is now closer to 18%.

While this may not sound impressive, at the same time the entire market has more than doubled and is in stark contrast to NZ generally where the number of jobs advertised in Construction has declined 2% in the last quarter. That decline is a result of a slowing in housing development, particularly in Auckland and Christchurch.

The other major area of growth is ‘everything and anything visitor and tourism-related’, which continues to be extremely competitive when it comes to finding experienced staff.

Monthly growth in tourism-related roles is expanding at 10%+ and represents over 50% of the roles advertised.

At this rate, the salaries that businesses offer locally will likely have to start increasing as employers compete to find staff.


  • The total number of roles advertised on JobFix increased 12% month-on-month and 15% above the same time last year
  • All sectors, aside Govt, grew strongly
  • Construction and Accommodation show the strongest growth at 35% and 17% respectively above September

David Gibbs

Commercial Operations Manager -Lakes Weekly & JobFix