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Employer Benefits Can Help Attract and Retain Staff

Employer Benefits Can Help Attract and Retain Staff

We operate in a very competitive employment market. It's one where finding and retaining staff can be very challenging. Recruiting never ends in Queenstown with so many short-term visa driven employees in our workforce.

When a number of employer roles are similar and the remuneration package doesn’t differentiate the roles, standing out from other employment opportunities can come down to employee benefits. Having a benefits package not only helps differentiate yourself but it also increases productivity. If you are up against some of the bigger businesses, then having a benefits package can help you compete.

Some of the key ones for the region are.

  • The ability to have flexible working hours especially for family events or sporting interests.
  • Time off to compensate for working extra or odd hours.
  • Access to car parking or even better free car parking

Some successful ways to implement a benefits program:

  1. Be open about requests. If it's not possible to do something, then explain why and perhaps agree on something in the middle.
  2. If you don’t have the resources to support, it then it won’t pay to offer to do it. If someone is going to work remote but the technology isn’t in the business, then that’s a nonstarter or commit to getting the technology if it’s a deal-breaker.
  3. Communicate the perks program internally and in your advertising.