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It’s no wonder businesses are struggling to find staff!

The total number of roles advertised in November grew to 1,034 up 8% from October 2018 and a massive 31% from November 2017 reflecting the feedback from employers on just how difficult it has become to find staff. The seasonal trend line, while up overall for 2018, was closely following 2017 until mid-October when the two lines separated. In 2018 the number of roles advertisers has continued to grow through November which is a very different pattern to previous years.

The Queenstown numbers in November compare with the national increase of 1.4% m/m reported in October in the ANZ Job Ads numbers.


  • The number of job opportunities rose 31% in November over the prior year
  • The seasonal trend line diverged mid-October 
  • The quarterly moving average continues to rise to 8% up from 5% in the previous quarter
  • The rolling three months has the number of opportunities available expanding by 19%
  • All sectors are having issues finding staff
  • All sectors are showing a similar pattern of growth


The total number of roles advertised in November climbed steeply illustrating the challenge that employers are having in finding staff. The increases impacted all sectors in the region.

Construction, Retail, Tourism and Hospitality continue to be the major drivers of jobs in Queenstown, accounting for 85% of all the available roles.

David Gibbs

Commercial Operations Manager -Lakes Weekly & JobFix