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JobFix is NZ’s online job board for Queenstown

JobFix is NZ’s online job board for Queenstown is Queenstown’s local premier jobs board. With the support of The Lakes Weekly team, it's again posting in excess of 800 jobs in November and over 100 employers advertising available roles. competes with the national big boys predominantly Seek and Trade Me for the number of jobs available in town. So how does it stack up.

During November, there we 400 local jobs posted, with 85 applications sent through the site. 18 new employers were added and 55 new job seekers setting up a profile. According to Google Analytics, there were in excess of 3,000 people who visited the site and read 25,600 different job pages.

Those using the site are predominantly viewing it from New Zealand (82%) and the site was accessed from across the country and not just coming from the region with 76% of these being new users to the site.

JobFix is available 24/7 across the holiday season with entry prices starting from $35.00 plus GST. To get started go to