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JobFix Performance Update... A Local's Favorite

JobFix Performance Update... A Local's Favorite

JobFix is 18 months young and in that short time has become one of the top job boards for people seeking Jobs in Queenstown. With the support of The Lakes Weekly team, we frequently see 100's of new jobs posted each month, and during busy periods, we see that many in a week!

But it hasn't been easy. JobFix has to compete with the national big boys, predominantly Seek and Trade Me, a 'David and Goliath' story in the fight for the local job seeker market. So how do we stack up?

According to Google Analytics, in March 2019:

  • there were 299 local jobs posted
  • 905 Online Applications  sent through the site
  • 26 new employers added profiles

From a traffic perspective, the website is growing month on month:

  • We saw in excess of 4,000 people visit the website
  • 76% of these were new users
  • Those 4,000 users visited the site 2.2 times and viewed 56,500 different pages.

The website is predominantly viewing from within New Zealand (77%) and where the site was accessed is broadly representative and not just coming from the Otago region.


Keeping in mind none of this data includes the jobs advertised within the publication and is also one of the quieter periods, we're very happy to see these numbers, which we have seen increasing over time.

Generating An Audience

I’m often asked given how many new users are coming to the site how are we promote JobFix?

Certainly, the strength of the Lakes Weekly brand really helps, especially as the Situations Vacant section in the publication is also branded JobFix and we utilise this publication to market to employers and candidates.

Everyone I speak with who is new to Queenstown finds out that The Lakes Weekly is the go-to publication, within 24 hours of arriving for jobs, accommodation and local orientation.

Additionally, JobFix runs advertising via Google to promote the website against a range of the most relevant seasonal keywords and category searches, as a result, JobFix has also made it's way to the first page of search results when searching for 'Queenstown jobs', which has helped us increase traffic to the website.

Our blog to employers reaches in excess of 4,000 email addresses monthly along with content on the website that we hope is helpful to both candidates and employers. All this is designed to keep JobFix front and centre in the local job seeker market.