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JobFix Reaches NZ

JobFix Reaches NZ

When job postings are made on the JobFix website not only is the job vacancy live 24/7 but it also reaches well beyond the Southern Lakes boundaries. When dealing with visa applications, one of Immigration NZ's main objectives is to ensure that Queenstown Employers are reaching as many New Zealanders as possible. JobFix achieves these criteria as the numbers from the last six months attest to.

The statistics relating to the website over the last six months demonstrate the success of this strategy.

In the six months (February to July 19) the website received 83K sessions (a growth of nearly 21% in the same period last year). 500K pages of jobs were viewed and over 7k applications sent.

88% of the sessions (73K) came from within New Zealand. 

Of that number 54% were undertaken from other markets outside of Queenstown.

To break that down:

  • 34% from Queenstown
  • 21% from Christchurch
  • 16% from Auckland
  • 5% from Invercargill
  • 5% from Wellington
  • 2% from Palmerston North 
  • 3% from elsewhere in NZ 
  • 12% from overseas

If you require specific details on the performance of JobFix to support your INZ application don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on [03] 409 2800. It’s a service as a local business partner we are happy to provide.