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Leadership Development Workshop

Leadership Development Workshop

Leadership Development Workshop with In-House Mentoring Session

Hospitality businesses face a number of challenges to operate efficiently and achieve competitive advantage. One of the most important elements that contribute to team success is the leadership delivered in a business.

We're traveling around the country to host full day Leadership Development Workshops near you. These workshops are focused on developing leadership skills in Managers (and Owners) of all levels. All attendees receive a one-on-one follow-up, one hour session in their business within the following week of completing the workshop.


What will attendees gain from this workshop?

  • Effective and appropriate communication skills for the restaurant environment 
  • Confidence in avoiding miscommunication
  • Appreciation on the importance of knowing each person's personal motivators
  • Using appropriate leadership styles to best communicate and motivate each individual
  • Confidence in their ability to motivate their team
  • Skills to improve team engagement

Queenstown - 17th March 2020

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