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Jobseekers, you’re in luck. It’s the best of times to find a job in Queenstown! The latest count for the JobFix Situations Vacant index shows there was a record number of roles advertised in November 2018 . The total number of roles advertised grew to 1,034, which was up 8% from October 2018 and a massive 31% increase from November 2017 . While the hospitality industry was by far the largest contributor to the...
Kiwi job seekers, particularly those who have been around a while, often find it tougher to get an interview. Here’s why - and what you can do about it... The overseas market is expanding. There are nearly 7,000 Brits planning on working here, followed by guests from France, Germany and Australia. Locals are realising that simply pushing the  'APPLY NOW' button on a job isn't going to guarantee an interview, let alone get...
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