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Monthly Job numbers lift in July

Monthly Job numbers lift in July

Queenstown’s job market saw an increase in the number of jobs advertised in July for the first month on month increase in 2023. The number of situations vacant roles have a long way to go to return to the long-term monthly average which is currently at -32% compared with 2022.

The construction sector remains the positive with a 7% increase across the year and posted the same number this month. All sectors, except admin and finance experienced growth over June.  

In July JobFix reported 295 roles being advertised in the local market with a solid 117 available in hospo.

Local jobs market aligns with the national picture

Nationally demand for labour continues to soften, as indicated by the decline in online job advertising in the June 2023 quarter (down 8.8% compared to the previous quarter) and over the year to June 2023 (down 22.3%).

Finding skilled labour continues to be the largest issue nationally for business, but it is not the extreme outlier it was a year ago. Problems related directly to inflation – wage and non-wage costs – continue to rate highly. Interest rates have increased as a concern. Low turnover remains well down the list of business concerns.