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Top 3 work perks employees were after in 2019

Top 3 work perks employees were after in 2019

Salary is always going to be incredibly important and the single biggest determinant of where someone will work but alongside that, increasingly employees want to know about your values and how you respect staff. Part of the consideration is also what perks a business can offer and these can sway a candidate your way.


These are some of the top ones for Queenstown.  


With many of your team likely to be in Queenstown for the lifestyle, the ability to offer flexible hours to fit in with their lifestyle, skiing in winter or hiking in the morning during summer are two that spring to mind and can make a huge difference to how your business is perceived by your workforce. It's also the number one consideration of perks.


We all know how painful parking is in Queenstown. If you are in a position to offer free transportation or better, free parking then you are onto a major perk that employees prize. Not everyone can get the bus and finding parking or running out to ‘move the car’ cuts productivity and frustrates most of us. Helping out with this, if possible can be a game changer.


Getting time back for additional hours worked is the second most in-demand benefit that your business can offer. Employees appreciate they may be called onto help out in key periods but a knowledge that you respect their time and will give back the hours goes a long way.


If you’re looking to set yourself apart from other businesses and attract and retain the best talent, employee benefits may help you stand out in your industry.