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Waiting for the signal to 'Go'

Waiting for the signal to 'Go'

It was another quiet month during May on the job front for Queenstown as JobFix Job Vacancy numbers continue to highlight the reduction in job vacancies compared with last year and the decline month on month.

Generally, at this time of the year, many employers wait for the green light that the ski season is definitively underway before pressing the button on employing staff so the very mild weather conditions over the past couple of months may have generated some uncertainty.

Town has also been particularly quiet, especially given the high base Amway helped gave the shoulder season last year and this has seen some employers make do with the staff they have rather than looking for new recruits.

In May, the number of open positions dropped 3% year on year and 15% on April. The main drop on last year is within the Retail and Services sector where vacancies have dropped 36%, but this has been tempered with a slight increase on last year in Construction and the F&B Accommodation sectors.


  • May has set a new record as the quietest month in the job sector in years

  • The uncertain start to the ski season has seen some employers back off recruiting early

  • A quieter shoulder season has also contributed to this 'wait and see' approach 

David Gibbs

Queenstown Media Group - Lakes Weekly & JobFix