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Why is it so much harder for 'locals' to get an interview?

Why is it so much harder for 'locals' to get an interview?

Kiwi job seekers, particularly those who have been around a while, often find it tougher to get an interview. Here’s why - and what you can do about it...

The overseas market is expanding. There are nearly 7,000 Brits planning on working here, followed by guests from France, Germany and Australia.

Locals are realising that simply pushing the 'APPLY NOW' button on a job isn't going to guarantee an interview, let alone get the role. The whole market is becoming savvier.

The New Zealand Herald recently published an article that provided insights into the reasons why there are real challenges for those who are seeking to secure employment. Particularly those who may have found it easier just a few years ago.

Until recently, kiwis were able to get a job - just about any job - when they wanted it... but that’s changing and it’s getting harder. Why is that?

  1. The job market has expanded significantly with the rising Kiwi population, coupled with the increase in visitors who plan to work in NZ. Its just more competitive. 
  2. The job market has changed dramatically - candidates are better qualified and prepared to take the job for less.
  3. While skilled migrants don’t have the local knowledge you do, many have taken the time to understand what employers are looking for in a resume.
  4. They also understand the value they will bring to a role and the contribution they can make to a company when competing against that local knowledge.

If you're a 'local', you are competing against all of this and more, just to get an interview!

If you haven’t thought beyond the ‘I’m a local and employers have to try to employ locals’, you are at a disadvantage and you’ll fail often. The landscape has changed and the number of people looking for a job has increased due to both migration and an employment market that always has an eye on the next opportunity.

We recommend spending a decent amount of time upfront thinking about how you present yourself to a recruiting manager.

Don't hit that ‘APPLY NOW’ button without having done some homework on yourself, and making sure that you're prepared and have done all you can to position yourself to win.